Am I Lost Because If Find It Difficult To Love Them?

June 26, 2014

Can You love Him

I was asked by a reader of my Sunday Messages, “How do I love someone I don’t like, and if I can’t love them does it mean I do not love God?” I decided to tackle this question because there are many Christians who find it difficult, if not down right impossible, to love those they don’t like. We are told by John that, “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.1John 4:8 John goes on to write that it is impossible to love a God you cannot see, if you do not love your earthly brothers. 1John 4:20 As Christians, we need to understand that if God loved the world and gave His only Son to become a propitiation of our sins, then we should also love one another. John 3:16 & 1John 4:10 So we wonder by reading such passages how we can love the way God loves us. Allow me to first give some background on the apostle known as John.
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June 25, 2014

Search Me Lord

by Chuck Ness

Lately there have been times when I become angry at the things I see going in the world. I find myself wondering if the things I care about are worth my time. I see many people walking around in a daze, caring only for what the world has to offer them, not what the Lord does.

It seems like my friends and relatives dismiss the things I share with them as just another rant from someone who is way too wrapped up in things they could care less about. My frustration can become so overwhelming that I wonder why I should even care for what they think, or where they are headed. That’s when I realize my love for them has become contempt, and that I need to step back and search my heart.


June 25, 2014

Why Do You Worry

by Chuck Ness

We learn from the book of Hebrews that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1) God told Adam and Eve that he would supply their needs. After they fell into sin, He promised to send a Savior through the seed of Eve. From the beginning the Saints had faith in His word.

From Abel to Noah, from Abraham to Moses, from David to Daniel, and from Rahab to Mary, men and women have trusted that God would be true to his word. These Saints looked forward to the promise of a Savior, and God has fulfilled that promise by sending His Son to die for our sins.
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June 25, 2014

Last Supper facebook

by Steven McReynolds

We have all heard the phrase that came out a few years ago, WWJD “What Would Jesus Do.” It spread quickly and everyone was jumping in on that band wagon.

But as I look at the picture of Jesus and the apostles at the last supper. I wonder what it would be like for them to have laptop computer’s and be on Facebook? After all most of us today, including businesses are on some type of social media, Facebook being the most popular.
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Lifted Like A Snake In The Desert

June 25, 2014

Lifted Like A Snake

Have you ever given it much thought about the phrase, “Lift Christ up with Praise?”

Quite often you will hear a pastor use this phrase as he instructs you to give glory to God though His Son. But have you ever really consider what the phrase means to you and the significance of it? Give me a moment of your time and allow me to introduce you to something very few Christians have actually ever considered when hearing this phrase, “Lift Christ up with Praise.”
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Using Cute Cuddly looking Polar Bears To Sell Lies

June 22, 2014

Sometimes I think Satan must love the way we use animals to sell products and ideas. We see Clydesdale horses used to sell beer, Camels to sell cigarettes, Ducks and Mice to sell children entertainment and to lure the family to theme parks, Owls and Black Bears to sell conservation ideas, and Polar Bears to sell everything from sodas to Global Warming. Yup, those who worship the planet have learned from the corporate world that animals are great props for selling ideas also.
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What Are You Willing To Sacrifice For Him?

June 16, 2014

What Will You Sacrifice

by Chuck Ness

Are you living a safe and comfortable life? Then maybe you are not doing enough. Tertullian said that The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. Yet today I see the church in America dying a slow death due to the fact that the Saints in America like their blood too much to offer it as a sacrifice for Christ and His church today.
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Seeing The Big Picture In Isaiah

June 7, 2014


by Chuck Ness

As the most quoted Old Testament Book in the New Testament, Isaiah has always been to me like the book of Revelations: interesting but obscure. I would read it but not truly grasp the true meaning of the whole picture Isaiah was giving us. Oh, I knew about the famous passages that foretold the advent of Christ in Isa 9:6 and his suffering in Isa 53:1-12, but that was only because they are the most famous aspects of the life of Christ. Like many people, I was always more intrigued about his prophecies that coincided with John’s Revelations like Isa 13:1-13 or Isa 14:1-22.
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How the Renaissance Led to the Reformation (Part VI)

June 6, 2014


(This is the final installment of a six part series)

The definition of the word Renaissance is “rebirth” and while it is true that the era was highlighted by man’s awakening from a spell of stagnation known as the Dark Ages, the Renaissance helped give men the will that was needed to stand up to the church. It seems quite interesting that, prior to the rebirth, we had so much death. This death came about from the great plague of 1348-49, along with the smaller more isolated ones to follow. These devastating plagues effected every aspect of society throughout Western Europe.
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How the Renaissance Led to the Reformation (Part V)

June 5, 2014

Inventions and Explorations

(This is the fifth installment of a six part series)

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and I believe that the Plague is indirectly responsible for the sudden boom of inventions and technological advancements. With the shortfall of workers and the resulting financial loss of many aristocrats, men were finding new ways to accomplish tasks, while pulling themselves up by the bootstraps at the same time. As a result, the Renaissance Age saw a radical change in the rate of inventions throughout Western Europe. This led to innovative ways of managing production that helped spur new economic growth. In less than a century there were more inventions developed and applied usefully than in the previous thousand years of human history. Along with major technological advances, there were many new inventions including the printing press, the quadrant, spectacles, and improved clocks. One of those innovations came in the way ships were designed and built, paving the way for the Age of Exploration.
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